The emergence of online Jewellery Startup- Ketan Diamonds


Ketan Diamonds

Having a diamond collection is the dream of every woman and jewellery is women’s best friend it not only makes the women look beautiful but also makes her feel loved and special.

Ketan diamonds was formulated to meet the needs of today’s women who are clear about their choices and like to get things at the comfort of their homes. Ketan diamonds  believes that each and every jewellery piece should be pure, perfect and precious.  Thus, this startup based out of Bangalore and founded by Supriya Sampath was emerged to provide  quality jewellery with best designs at a affordable pricing.

Evolution of Ketan Diamond

Passion for jewellery designing and the intention to provide pure and trustworthy diamonds led Supriya to put together her years of experience and expertise into founding ketan diamonds.

Let’s hear the outstanding journey of Ketan Diamonds till now:

Brief about the founder

Mrs. Supriya Sampath had the knack of jewellery designing and Her intricate detailing of the diamonds and her immense interest and passion that has led to the birth of ketan diamonds.

The main idea was to make jewellery that can make women feel exclusive, fashionable, confident, and most importantly happy.

What is your business mission at Ketan Diamonds?

We have the philosophy of 3P’s Pure, Perfect and Precious., We aim to becoming one of the most trusted online Jewellery brands in the country. Transparency in the business is much required and authentication certificate should be provided for every diamond purchased.

Is buying online safe and secure?

When buying diamonds, carat, colour, shape and fluorescence are very important along with certificates. Nowadays, shopping is one area that is influenced by digitalisation a lot. More and more people are glued to the internet these days to buy anything and everything. Increasingly, our shopping habits are moving into virtual space. All products are hallmarked in terms of purity and certified by third party labs like GIA/ IGI/DGL.

Buying from online stores is safe and secure. As long as you are buying from a trusted seller and buying certified diamond jewellery online it is indeed safe. The gold MUST be BIS hallmarked.

What is the ticket size of online jewellery purchases and do you think buying diamond jewellery online is the better option?

Online sales account for a growing portion of our household budget and annual consumption. Yet when it comes to the so-called ‘big ticket’ items, some shoppers are still reluctant to make the move to online purchases.

This apprehension is understandable – as the value of the purchase rises, so too does the perception of risk should anything go wrong with an order.

Here are a few pointers that suggest  you should buy diamond jewellery online in India:

Searching for the astounding diamond piece of diamond jewellery online allows customers to fully research the jewellery on offer, being able to make comparisons and have the opportunity to learn about every aspect of the piece such as the setting, the quality of the diamond and the cut of the stone through reading online guides.

Market analysts suggest saving consumers as much as 25% by choosing a web-based transaction. In terms of building more customer’s trust, for jewellery purchase people still want “wear at home service” and we provide that too.

Road ahead for Ketan Diamonds

We are  working towards establishing our presence and network across the country, covering over 12 cities and adding over  2500 additional designs to our existing 1000 plus design collection.

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