OLAMOR COSMETIC -Brand on the way of Height of success

Ms.Mamtaa joshi - OLAMOR COSMETIC

OLAMOR -mi man chi on the way of Heights of Success.

The last 2 years have been difficult for entrepreneurs to sustain and execute their ideas as covid tough time has left everyone with an extremely heap of uncertainty. Pandemic has altered our lives in unprecedented and unutterable ways.

Race against the unavoidable situation, you can only win by thinking ahead and keeping your confidence alive.

OLAMOR is a twig of our grooming business and we had an amazing experience about how you become tougher in tough times.

Being a Director of the OLAMOR mi manchi  Ms.Mamtaa Joshi believes,

Unshakable commitments ensue in more confidence, Confidence connected with commitment gives a miracle result!  Confidently Committed to delivering Beauty, that’s OLAMOR mi manchi

Skin and Haircare products

Anything you execute in life needs focus and it does not come easy,

How dedicated you are or your team is, sometimes it’s difficult to work with consistency.

Some battles are beyond your imagination and beyond your control.

I feel the most dedicated and most focused entrepreneur also finds it difficult to stay on track in some situations,

in such a scenario your experience gives you the strength

and as I said before, Nothing can beat confidence and confidence comes from experience. you can be built confidence by taking a lot of risks.

With this thought process, we launched OLAMOR mi manchi Beauty products in the toughest time of covid-21, a Time when business leaders were on their Toes.

Buying Skincare or Haircare products is a process of feeling, trying, smelling, consulting & negotiating so it’s an extremely interactive journey for the consumer.

OLAMOR Beauty Products

We have Our Products Available in 400+ Stores in Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore.

20K Happy Clients, we cater in D2c, B2C,B2B.

OLAMOR is the inspiration, its promise to take care of yourself.

we are not only promoting skincare and haircare, but we are there with you in this journey by giving a reminder that self-care is the priority.


To help you with the Skin and hair care reminders we have developed a mobile application for customizing Skin and hair care reminders.

we have a Beauty consultation chat.

To maintain our Skin and Hair we need to take constant care of them.

OLAMOR ,we highly emphasize the culture of consistency and discipline.

We have varied skin and hair care to support you to achieve your next Personal care goals.

The coming future beauty products are all about information and quality and this is what OLAMOR STANDS FOR result-oriented products.


Serum, Shampoos, Masks, Conditioner, Spa treatments, face wash, face serums, Onion Treatment Range MORE

Why us

We are different from others as we have a solution. as we are in the beauty industry for more than 14 years. so, each challenge we have a Practical solution.

OLAMOR   has seamless delivery and uninterrupted supply.

OLAMOR has easy connectivity with consumer

OLAMOR  high-quality products are available B2B & B2C segment.

Each Member of Our Training team knows how to make the customer feel chuffed as they are well trained and know the roots of each product’s usability. Olamor promises pre & post-support to all the clients who had any queries related to their Beauty.

This is generating more faith in products and consumer faith will give more repeat business.

OLAMOR mi manchi is one of the finest products,

OLAMOR mi manchi – Your beauty is Missing it.


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