How we are defining the future Edtech Market

Mr. Manoj Mohite, Business Head at
Mr. Manoj Mohite, Business Head at

Performance of Edtech in the current scenario

During covid, we have faced a major dearth of educational institutions. As the pandemic was deadly, it forced many people to work from home.

So is the case with educational institutions. This led to the emergence of E-Learning Institutions in India.

Scores of e-learning institutions have emerged in India and reached the acumen. Interestingly, they have raised funds and also attained a unicorn status.

India’s EdTech Market is Expected To Take Upward Graph

Conversely, the educational startups in India have reached scores of subscribers. They have also reached unicorn status a few times.

We have also seen that many people are practicing some unethical practices such as cheating, creating a toxic environment for both parents and children. This involves cheating in sales and the aim is to increase the subscribers.

“The success of companies that expertly target core industries in developing areas will determine their fortunes,” stated an industry analyst.

Indian Edtech Is Going Global

Many companies that have plunged into the business of Edtech are going global. The demand has been rising and it has been seen that the demand is not only from the rural environment but is from the global world as well. The technology used is hi-tech and economical in our country. So Indian Edtech is going global.

Why are LIVE Online Coaching Classes superior to in-person coaching centers?

Not all e-learning platforms offer well-structured LIVE Online Coaching for CBSE students. The curriculum, course modules, and tests should be perfectly designed to meet everyone’s needs and the requirements of students. Additionally, teachers should have an agile plan that allows students to learn at their own pace.

Students get a range of benefits with LIVE Online Coaching Classes, including the ability to study with top CBSE tutors besides saving time and money, as compared to any other coaching center. LIVE Online Coaching Courses that can be explored later for more in-depth understanding and feedback, along with fun and engaging standardized tests, as recommended by the CBSE program, are best.

The Function of LIVE Online Coaching Classes in EdTech

It is a proven fact that online teaching is better than offline teaching as the specific topics are taken up.

More participation is encouraged during online sessions. Also, Personalized assessment tests linked to online coaching courses allow parents to track their children’s growth in various subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Science, covered LIVE Coaching. This also includes top-level teaching and teaching methods.

How Plufo Is Unique?

Plufo is a unique platform that brings tuition to CBSE students. Noteworthy, this is LIVE Online Coaching that creates wider prospects of the students.

How does Plufo work?

For the students of Grade 8, LIVE online sessions are offered. This includes the coaching at their preferred time and location. The focus is on the students and teachtheirtio. All the subjects are covered including English, Maths, Science and other important subjects. Additionally, the teachers are tuned to the ONLINE training sessions and also they are specially trained for the face-to-face sessions.

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