How Poonam Mahajan has created waves in the branding industry Brand & Media Strategies

Poonam Mahajan, Founder & Director, Apexx Media

Each brand carries its own story so we need to present in a certain manner so that it is appealing to the audience.

In the digitalized world of startups, India has reached phenomenal growth. In the few months, the corpus of startups has gone past billions, and milestones of 100 unicorns have been recorded. Our country is reaching a milestone with startups. Waiting for new ideas and innovation to pour in to make it more and more exciting to conquer the next level well in time.

Poonam Mahajan has rich experience of over 10 years in the field of branding and media strategies. Expert at new brand strategies she helps in building brands through both online ( digital integration and social media strategies) and offline branding. In this manner, she assists in creating their own universe in the digital world.

Poonam says,” First is brand awareness and that’s most crucial in acquiring customers. It not only assists in reaching performance-related goals on social media but also helps in retaining the customers.”

Poonam has more than 100 plus brands and has guided them to build. Most of the brands have also obtained the first round of funding. Her specific technique varies from brand to brand and a few strategies are performing social media branding audits from time to time. Also, she says that visual branding is the key to brand recognition and it is a scientifically proven fact. Many techniques are there with the sole aim to improve the brand image of the brand and expand the bandwidth. For the war of brand recognition, a full-proof brand strategy is required. She has worked with almost all domains of the media sector and feels that startups are redefining the Indian spectrum in a more defined manner. Also, she says that the startups in the healthcare and education sector can be game-changer.

Poonam Mahajan, Founder & Director, Apexx Media (Brand Creators)
Poonam Mahajan is a Delhi-based Woman Entrepreneur, Author, Tedx Speaker, Founder of PR & Brand Promotion firm Apexx Media (Brand Creators), and the first-ever innovative Global Apexx PR Pool.

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