An Emerging Next-gen Protease Inhibitor Innovation Start-up

Dr Bijayananda Panigrahi
Dr. Bijayananda Panigrahi, Founder & Managing Director, BioPioneer


Given India’s long history with sickness, the country has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and scientific understanding in disease prevention and treatment. Major initiatives in India, such as ‘Make in India’ and ‘Start-up India,’ are targeted at growing the biotechnology industry. Indian biotechnology is known for its entrepreneurship, innovation, developing homegrown talent, and providing value-based treatment. An increase in the number of biotech incubators would stimulate research and support start-up growth, both of which are critical to the success of the Indian biotech industry. One such fastest flourishing start-up in the realm of biotechnology is Biopioneer.

Biopioneer is a protease inhibitor development company that provides innovative protease inhibitors for protein isolation from cell lines, plants, microorganisms, tissues, nematodes, and other sources. Biopioneer has been incubated at KIIT- TBI’s Technology Business Incubator and has been recognized by Startup Odisha startup India and sponsored by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) Department of Biotechnology (DBT) Govt of India. The company has developed a protease inhibitor and has begun offering it to various R&D labs in the Life Sciences industry. Significantly, the firm has created the first broad-spectrum protease inhibitor with exceptional temperature stability and pH stability over a wide pH range. Further, it is a less poisonous and water-soluble substance, which may limit the range of applications.

Biopioneer has begun the process of invention by filing a patent for its product line, and it plans to produce various types of protease in the future. Meanwhile, the company is working on two initiatives, one of which is funded by a biotechnology ignition grant (BIG) award supported by the BIRAC (DBT) Government of India. It is providing a grant of Rs. 50 lakhs for the validation of the protease inhibitor Further grant of Rs.15 lakhs is supported by startup Odisha for product development. Biopioneer was founded in 2020, and it focuses on topics linked to R&D and FMCG due to its market potential and it claims to be increasing every day since then. And as it proceeds ahead the firm is looking forward to distributing free samples to consumers and scientists and is founded on this recommendation and testimonial. Further, it intends to raise funding from a variety of sources to establish a link with the industry.

Until 2025, the company will provide large-scale production of protease inhibitors in big quantities, which will be beneficial to the business and those who provide solutions for the protein purification industry. These companies require a large number of protease inhibitors, yet the prices they pay for different protease inhibitors are relatively expensive. As a result, they arrive at a compromise with their solution. Perfectly understanding the scenario, is working to create an ecosystem that would make it easier for the organizations to operate. “I would like to extend my gratitude to Dr. Dindayal Mandal, our business mentor Professor Mrutyunjay Suar KIIT, CEO, KIIT- TBI and research mentor, Dr. Anmol Ratnakar Suraywanshi scientists from Institute of Life Sciences fitness and all the co-founder of Biopioneer, as well as BIRAC, Startup Odisha, Startup India, and Department of Biotechnology Govt. of India and all the member especially KIIT, who is providing such wonderful international laboratory facility,” concludes Dr. Bijayananda Panigrahi, Founder and Managing Director at Biopioneer

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