Ajay Kadyan Co Founder, Zimyo


Ajay Kadyan Co Founder, Zimyo

Congratulations on moving your organization overseas! I am pretty sure you must be having a lot on your plate. Well, that’s the thing with expanding your business. From ensuring an easy relocation to hiring new people who can take care of your dream in a foreign land to drafting business policies, things can be a little overwhelming. On top of that, making your workforce aligned with new business changes and managing piles of paperwork can be daunting for someone who has just expanded their horizons. This is why you need something robust to support you during this new transition. And who can be a better companion than a cloud-based Human Resource Management System? Just think about it!


Numerous studies have shown that an HRMS makes the life of HR professionals easier. Automation of repetitive administrative tasks can help HR leaders save time and effort. But how can you find the best international HRMS for your newly expanded business? Worry not, today we will discuss some of the major points that can help you choose the right international HRMS for your organization.

6 major tips to choose the best international HRMS for your global business:


Language can be a major barrier to effective communication. At times, the language (e.g., Chinese/French/Arabic/Russian/European, etc.) would also be a challenge. This is why it is prudent to look out for HR software that is available in multi-language versions. Multilingual HR software encourages speedy adoption of the system among employees. For e.g, you’ll be able to solve employee queries or grievances more easily if your HR software is able to communicate those queries in a simple and clear manner. However, it’s quite difficult to have a multilingual HRMS, because it requires a lot of technical work and expertise. But there are certain ways such as Google Translate integration with the Helpdesk that can help you overcome the language barrier.

Look into your budget

Since you have moved to a different locality, your expenditures can be quite high. Therefore, it is important to look for an HRMS that is pocket-friendly. Before looking for HR software it is important to determine how much you will be able to spend on a system. The cost of an HRMS usually depends on numerous factors such as the size of your organization, the headcount, the features of the system, etc. The more the features, the higher the cost will be. So it’s important to analyze your HR needs in order to choose only those systems or modules that will really be beneficial for your HR processes. Get other stakeholders on board while opting for HR software.


Global Payroll Management

When your workforce is scattered across various locations, processing payroll can be difficult because of different fiscal years and different pay dates. Employees also struggle with compliances and reporting timelines in different tax jurisdictions for the same source of income and their taxation. This is why it is important to choose a vendor that specializes in managing global payroll. When you have an experienced payroll team, you can ensure timely disbursement of salaries or expenses to your employees.


Staying inside changing labor laws is more than necessary when you move your business to a global market. Non-compliance with regulatory laws can affect your business and has the potential to damage the reputation of your company and even clients. Whether you are paying compensation for overtime or trying to comply with Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCP) rules, you need to be up to date on these complex rules. This is where an international HRMS can help you. So always look for an HRMS that offers you the necessary support in terms of updates, statutory compliances, and notifications for compliance actions.


In this digital era, when cyberattacks are just another normal thing, it’s injudicious to compromise data security and privacy. Because the major function of an HRMS is to store and manage personal employee and business information, it’s important to look out for a solution that can keep your data intact and organized. Different countries have different laws relating to data protection and these can also impact the design and implementation of your HR software. This is why make sure that the vendor you are planning to buy your HRMS from is aware of all the data security laws and are a certified HRMS provider.

Choose an experienced player

Moving your business abroad can be difficult as you are not only going to deal with change in the locality but you will also be handling different time zones and currencies too. This is why it is important to choose the HRMS vendor that already has extensive experience in handling international businesses, workforce, and payroll, etc. The objective of your international HRMS should be the efficient management of the diverse human capital employed.


If you can manage your workforce effectively by outsourcing the necessary expertise then it’s a great thing. But if you find it overwhelming, then you can opt for a robust HRMS system that can help you manage your workforce effectively, reduce payroll errors, stay compliant with regulatory laws, and minimize administrative burden.

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