XPengP5 EV: Chinese Electric Cars Launched With Up To 600 km of Range

XPengP5 EV

XPeng a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer launched its latest EV, the P5 which is built on the same under planning as the first model. It has a 155 kW motor that packs up 200 brake horsepower and 310-newton meters of torque. The vehicle can attain 100 km per hour in 7.5 seconds as it is not the swift EV but for its segment, it will get the chore done. XPeng discloses that there is an all-wheel-drive alternative of the car that’s technically possible but there are no plans as yet. What’s more absorbing about this vehicle is the range as it is provided in 6 versions – 460G, 460E, 550G, 55OE, 550P, and 600P with three battery sizes that scale between 55.9 kWh, 66.2 kWh, and 71.4 kWh.

Following the Chinese regulator, the scale provides quite considerable between 460 km, 550 km, and 600 km. It also takes 40 minutes to charge from 30 to 80 percent.

Appearance-wise, this car is similar to the P7 from the front and back but the side profile of the vehicle is quite different. One of the features in the P5 that is easily noticeable is its evolvable interior. The vehicle also gets high tech autonomous and ADAS technology with a system that has 32 perception sensors combining 2 LIDARs, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 12 high-resolution cameras, radars, and an XPILOT system that recognizes road users in vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and potential road hazards in any case of external conditions and perceptibility levels.

The car starts at an imprecise price of $24,500 and goes all the way up to $34,717. Within 53 hours of its debut, XPeng has 10,000 pre-orders. It recently started selling its cars in the Nordic country and has plans to enter more European markets shortly.


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