To protest rising prices, petrol was sold for Re 1/Litre in this city

petrol was sold for Re 1

On Thursday, a local organization in Maharashtra’s Solapur city sold petrol for just Re 1 a liter to 500 people in protest of rising petroleum costs and to commemorate Dr. B R Ambedkar’s birth anniversary.

Only one liter of fuel was given to each buyer. Despite this, customers flocked to the gas station, forming serpentine lines. To keep the gathering under control, police were also deployed.

Dr. Ambedkar Students and Youth Panthers were in charge of organizing the event.

“Inflation has accelerated. Under the Narendra Modi regime, the price of petrol has risen to 120 rupees per litre. So, to help people and commemorate Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s birthday, we decided to provide petrol at a one-rupee rate “The outfit’s state unit chief, Mahesh Sarvagoda, declared as much.

“If a little organization like ours can help 500 individuals, the government should help as well,” he continued.

“I was delighted to find gasoline at this pricing. Despite the fact that inflation is reaching new heights every day, I managed to save a little money “explained one of the buyers.

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