The Release Date For Pubg In India And Over 200 Other Countries Has Been Set On November 11th.

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The release date for PUBG New State has been scheduled for November 11, according to publisher Krafton, which exposed it during a showcase event on Friday. Following a final technical test in 28 countries from October 29–30, the South Korean firm said that the new mobile game will be published on Android and iOS in more than 200 countries, counting India.

After PUBG Mobile and the India-exclusive Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton launched PUBG New State as a new mobile gaming title earlier this year. After surpassing the 40 million thresholds in September, it got over 10 million additional pre-registrations in the last month.

According to reports, PUBG New State, which was introduced in February, has garnered more than 50 million pre-registrations on Android and iOS. It will be released as a free-to-play mobile game in 17 different languages throughout the world, according to Krafton, who held a live-streamed event on YouTube. The game’s pre-registration procedure began immediately after its announcement; however, it only became online in India in September.

Creative Director Daehun Kim stated that the PUBG New State is focused on moving the battle royale genre ahead, with new gameplay elements like weapon customization, the drone market, and a unique player recruiting mechanism. There will be four different maps in the game, including the future-set Troi and the franchise’s mainstay Erangel. According to the CEO, it will also receive frequent upgrades with new material, enhanced gameplay, and a season-based service centered on gameplay balance and fun.

Sangwan Kim, Head of Anti-Cheat Unit at PUBG Studios, claimed that Krafton will forbid the use of unauthorized applications, emulators, keyboard, and mouse, as well as vehemently identify and restrict hacks, to minimize cheats in PUBG New State. The company also claims to carefully examine and assess user input, which will be reflected in in-game improvements

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