The All-New Tata Avinya EV Concept Debuts

Tata Avinya EV Concept Debuts

Tata Motors has unveiled its all-new Avinya electric SUV concept, which also marks the launch of the company’s new ‘Gen 3’ platform. As we previously reported, the new ‘Pure EV Gen 3’ platform will support a variety of EV body designs, primarily SUVs and crossovers, with the first production-ready version coming in 2025. The Tata Avinya concept also introduces TPEML’s new brand identity, which features an LED bar that runs the length of the vehicle, front and back, with a ‘T’ in the centre.

In terms of size, the concept is similar to the Tata Harrier now on the market, but the styling is significantly more luxurious. In terms of appearance, the new concept is pretty unique, with a mix of SUV and MPV body shapes, similar to the Audi Urbansphere concept that we just saw. Tata Motors, like Audi, has a three-platform strategy to cover all sectors of the electric vehicle market by 2030.

Tata Motors has also put a lot of emphasis on the interior of the new concept, which has a proper lounge-like atmosphere. The production-spec vehicle is likely to include a slew of modern creature comforts and technology, as well as autonomous capabilities and a sophisticated connectivity outfit.

Furthermore, with the Avinya concept, Tata Motors is upping the ante in the tech sector by replacing the touchscreen interface with an accurate and responsive voice command interface for entertainment purposes. Speakers are also fitted to the headrests of the seats for a more acoustic and personalised experience.

The production-spec model’s technical specifics are still few, but we do know that it will be built on Pure EV Gen 3 technology and will have a range of more than 500 kilometres, with a charge time of around 30 minutes using a DC fast charger.

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