Support for Gallery Sync and Drive Storage for My Files on Samsung Cloud will be phased down

My Files on Samsung Cloud

According to a notice provided by Samsung, the company’s Samsung Cloud will stop offering Gallery Sync and Drive storage for My Files on November 30. All data saved in Samsung’s cloud will be deleted at the end of next month. Samsung Cloud’s premium storage plan membership terminated on October 1st, as previously mentioned, and members may be eligible for a refund.

Samsung has stated that Gallery Sync and Drive storage for My Files will no longer be supported by its Cloud service. This will take effect at the end of next month, and any data stored on the Samsung Cloud will be destroyed at that time. In addition, Samsung stated that the premium storage subscription plan will be automatically revoked, with the option of a return of the monthly fee. Microsoft OneDrive will now support Samsung Cloud capabilities, except select regions and devices.

Microsoft OneDrive will now accept Samsung Cloud capabilities, and Samsung has established means and a deadline for integrating data from its Cloud to Microsoft until November 30. The data was, however, only supported for automatic transfer until September 30. Users can also download all of their data from Samsung Cloud to their storage, but they will lose access to OneDrive integration. The processes for integrating data into OneDrive and downloading it to personal storage have been explained by Samsung.

Samsung Cloud users are advised to either merge their data with Microsoft OneDrive or save it to their storage. It’s worth noting that if customers choose OneDrive integration, the data on Samsung Cloud will be instantly destroyed once the transfer is finished. Similarly, if customers want to download their data, it will be removed from Samsung Cloud 60 days after it is downloaded.

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