Petrol prices in India hiked up to 37 paise for the seventh day in a row

Petrol prices in India

For the seventh consecutive day, domestic petrol prices rose by up to 37 paise, whereas diesel prices remained constant across the country. Consumers will now pay 110.04 per litre for gasoline, while diesel prices will remain unchanged at 98.42 per litre. According to a notice from the country’s largest oil retailer, Indian Oil Corp, petrol prices in the national capital of Delhi have risen by 35 paise, crossing the 110-mark. In Mumbai, petrol prices increased by 35 paise, from 115.50 to 115.85 per litre, while diesel remains at 106.62 per litre.

Customers in Chennai will then have to pay 106.66 per litre for gasoline, while diesel will remain at 102.59 per litre. After a 34-paise increase, petrol prices in Kolkata have risen to 110.49 per litre, while diesel remains at 101.56 per litre. Petrol in Bengaluru and Hyderabad now costs 113.93 and 114.49 rupees per litre, respectively. Diesel prices in both cities remained stable at 104.50 and 107.40 cents per litre, respectively.


In the Rajasthan city of Sri Ganganagar, fuel is the most expensive. Petrol will now cost 122.70 per litre for consumers. The price of diesel has remained unchanged at 113.21 per litre. Petrol prices in Madhya Pradesh’s Anuppur and Rewa districts have reached 121.81 and 121.39 per litre, respectively and in Bhopal, the petrol price has increased from 118.46 to 118.83 per litre.

The three major oil marketing companies in India are Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation, and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation. State-owned oil marketing companies review gasoline and diesel rates daily and make appropriate changes to line up petroleum prices with the global benchmark and the rupee-dollar exchange rates.

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