On February 26, 27th, IIM Jammu will host the Leadership Summit 3.0

IIM Jammu will host the Leadership Summit 3.0

The third edition of the ‘Leadership Summit’ will be held on February 26 and 27, 2022, at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Jammu. The subject for this year’s event is “Leadership Next for Atmanirbhar Bharat,” according to the institute, with a focus on self-reliance and self-sufficiency, as mandated by the Indian government. Virtually, the event will take place.

“Students from top B-schools around the country are invited to attend the summit, which will be held on a virtual platform with limited access.

“Gig Economy: Unlocking the Potential of an Independent Indian Workforce”; “The Great Reset: Navigating through Disruptions at Work”; “Envision, Empower and Exceed”; “Forging an Emerging Leader: Disrupting the Status Quo, Elevation”; and “Walking the Arduous Rope,” according to an official statement. Through these five separate panel discussions, the prominent speakers will enlighten the students by offering their perspectives on themes pertinent to the professional world.

“The IIM Jammu’s Leadership Summit is a major marquee event with the goal of promoting leadership and entrepreneurship. The goal is to “bring together visionaries from business and government who will contribute useful ideas to promote the country’s economic growth through industrial transformation by bringing them together on a single platform to make a real effect on our future,” according to the announcement.

Kiran Bedi, former Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry; Ranjan Thakur, Principal Secretary, Department of Industries and Commerce, Jammu and Kashmir; Rohit Kansal, Principal Secretary, Higher Education and Information, Jammu and Kashmir; and other government officials, Defense personnel, and industry experts are among the speakers for this year’s event.

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