Kevin Lynch becomes foreman for both Apple Watch Software and Apple Car Project

apple car project

apple car project

Following Ford’s statement of appointing Doug Field, a VP who is in charge of the daily running of the Apple car project dubbed project titan privately and it seems that Apple has moved quickly. It also promoted Kevin Lynch to the role who had joined Apple in 2013 from Adobe and it came to be the brainpower behind the watch OS platform as the software layer behind the Apple Watch. Kevin Lynch has been the executive with whom Tim Cook and Jeff Williams turn to disclose new software features of an Apple Watch in of a new one.

Apple’s Vice President AI czar John Giannandrea roped in Lynch to supervise the project’s software. At present Lynch has been promoted to manage both the software and hardware teams as he is the boss of the Apple Car project. He takes charge of Doug Field who returned to Apple after a period at Tesla as a chief engineer for the Model 3. Before working in Segway, Field had worked in the Mac hardware division.

It is also said that under the leadership of Tim Cook, who has completed 10years in the firm is looking forward to launching the Apple Car in 2024 and could be the last major product under his stewardship. Lately, he indicated that he might not be at Apple in 10 years.