In China, Tesla is recalling over 128,000 cars due to a Defect

Tesla is recalling over 128,000 cars

According to the country’s national market regulator, Tesla has recalled almost 128,000 automobiles in China due to a defect that could “raise the danger of vehicle collision.” It’s the latest setback for the electric car behemoth, which is extremely popular in China but has also faced consumer complaints and Covid-19 lockdowns. According to a Thursday notification, over 127,785 domestic and imported Tesla Model 3 cars have been recalled due to a rear motor inverter fault discovered after regulators initiated an investigation.

“If this fault happens while the vehicle is in motion, the vehicle will lose its driving motion,” according to the State Administration of Market Regulation. “This could, in extreme instances, increase the likelihood of a car crash.”

In December, Tesla sold a total of 70,847 cars in China, despite fierce competition from local brands such as Nio and XPeng. However, countless social media complaints from Chinese consumers about quality and service difficulties have been directed at the automaker, culminating in a high-profile customer protest at the Shanghai Auto Show in April of last year.

According to Bloomberg, Tesla’s Shanghai “gigafactory” has been closed for at least 12 days owing to a spiralling outbreak that has seen record infection numbers and forced the city’s 25 million citizens to remain at home indefinitely.

Tesla recalled over 200,000 vehicles from China in December due to a trunk problem that raised the danger of a collision.

China, as the world’s largest polluter, has significantly subsidised the sale of electric and hybrid vehicles, with the goal of having a majority of cars powered by clean energy by 2035.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, projected last year that China would become the company’s largest market in the long run, and has worked to expand the company’s presence in the country, which is the world’s largest buyer of electric vehicles.

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