IIT Madras hosts an industry conclave to highlight research and innovation

IIT Madras hosts an industry conclave

Industry Conclave 2022 was organized by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras to present the institute’s research and advancements to the government, industry, and corporate firms. The conclave was place on April 16-17 at the institute. A virtual arena dedicated to presenting research initiatives, start-ups, and projects from the institute’s Center for Innovation (CFI) and other projects was also built, according to an IIT Madras release.

The goal of the IIT Madras conclave was to bridge the gap between industry and academia and to make it easier for institutes to collaborate with businesses on research projects, CSR activities, and start-ups. The purpose of the event, according to the IIT Madras statement, was to provide IIT Madras students and researchers with an industry viewpoint.

“The core focus of IIT Madras is science and technology,” Kaviraj Nair, CEO of IIT Madras’ Office of Institutional Advancement, said in a virtual address to the conclave’s first session. The institute boasts some of the brightest minds in the country working on ground-breaking research on socially relevant themes. Our business stakeholders and benefactors are inspired to invest in high-impact research that leads to social transformation.”

For IIT Madras students, an industry-relevant competition was also held, which acted as a crucial stepping stone into the professional world.

“From the perspective of cybersecurity, cooperation between academia, industry, and government plays a vital role in repairing the inadequate infrastructure of digital frameworks,” stated Dr. Gulshan Rai, Chief Information Officer, Prime Minister’s Office, who attended the event virtually.

According to a statement released by the institute, the colloquium covered recent changes in the industrial sector through lectures given by industry leaders. Through discussions from experts and innovators in respective domains, it was also meant to allow the interchange of recent advancements in some high-demand industries such as cyber security, start-up space, and data science.

Professor Prathap Haridoss, Dean (Academic Courses), IIT Madras, highlighted the institute’s vision of collaborations with industry and various government agencies, saying, “Collaborations between Industry, Academia, and Government institutions result in activities that span both near term and long term development goals.” It brings together a variety of perspectives and ways to solve problems that necessitate new thinking. It allows us to capitalize on each other’s abilities.”

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