Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, an Augmented Reality Game, Will Be Closed On January 31

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

On January 31, 2022, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the location-based augmented reality (AR) game from Pokemon Go creator Niantic, will be shut down. Niantic has announced that the game will be removed from the App Store, Google Play, and Samsung Galaxy Store on December 6, 2021. Niantic lately announced the release of Pikmin Bloom, a new game developed in collaboration with Nintendo.

In a blog post on November 2, Niantic revealed the cancellation of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The explanation for the game’s shutdown was not revealed by the game’s creator. “With Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, our goal was to bring the magic of the wizarding world to millions of players as they ventured outside and explored their neighborhoods. We did it together, completing a two-year narrative story arc that will be completed soon, “According to the firm.

Starting from December 6, Niantic will remove Harry Potter: Wizards Unite from the App Store, Google Play, and Samsung Galaxy Store. Users will also no longer be able to make in-game purchases as of the same day. On January 31, 2022, all features and servers for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be turned off.

After the worldwide success of Niantic’s 2016 hit Pokemon Go, Niantic released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on Android and iOS in 2019. Niantic and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment collaborated on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Pokemon Go continues to be the most popular game in the category. According to a Sensor Tower report, the game’s lifetime revenue recently surpassed $5 billion (roughly Rs. 37,323 crores) in just five years and Pokemon Go made up to $641.6 million (roughly Rs. 4,822 crores) in the first half of 2021.

This is not the first time Niantic has decided to discontinue a game. The company decided to close Catan – World Explorers in September of this year. On November 18, the game will be completely removed. The game has already been removed from the App Store, and real-money purchases have been removed from the shop. Aside from that, Niantic has released a new location-based AR game called Pikmin Bloom. Pikmin Bloom, like Pokemon Go, encourages players to go outside and explore their surroundings. The game entails gathering seedlings and assembling a squad of Pikmin.

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