Government Changing the Packaging Rules from April 1, 2022


the Packaging Rules from April 1,

To protect consumers’ interests, particularly when purchasing packaged items, the government has amended packaging rules, requiring companies manufacturing products to include their price per unit or kilogram, as well as the maximum retail price (MRP). These regulations will go into effect on April 1, 2022.

The Department of Consumer Affairs has removed Rule 5 of the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities), Rules 2011, which defines Schedule II, which specifies the pack sizes of various commodities. A new provision has been added to indicate the unit sale price on pre-packaged commodities, making it easier to compare the prices of the commodities at the time of purchase “According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

In addition, the companies producing the goods will now have complete control over the number of package items sold in the market. Furthermore, a significant change in the rules has been made in which it will be necessary to provide information about the month or manufacturing year on the imported package item. At the moment, only the month or date of import is required on package item imports.

Previously, the month and year in which the product was produced, pre-packaged, or imported had to be specified on the packaging material. According to official sources, several representations from industry and associations in this regard had been received to resolve this uncertainty.

“To reduce compliance burden and remove the ambiguity of declaration of the date on pre-packed commodities for consumers, the declaration has now been required to the month and year in which the commodity is manufactured for the pre-packed commodities,” according to the statement. The provisions for MRP declarations have been simplified by removing illustrations and making mandatory MRP statements in Indian currency inclusive of all taxes. This has made it easier for the manufacturer, packer, and importer to declare the MRP on pre-packaged commodities.

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