‘Eternals’ Upcoming MCU Movie Releases

‘Eternals’ Upcoming MCU

Eternals, the next Marvel movie by Oscar-winning filmmaker Chloé Zhao will have two scenes during the film’s credits.  Eternals will have both a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene

One scene might tie into the mid-credits scene from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, where Wong (Benedict Wong) found a beacon inside the Ten Rings, an ancient weapon that’s thousands of years old. Eternals have lived on Earth for over 7,000 years, so there might be connected there.

Eternals follows the ostensible immortal beings who draw their superpowers from cosmic energy which includes Gemma Chan as the empathetic Sersi, Richard Madden as Ikaris who can fly and shoot beams out of his eyes, Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo who can shoot projectiles out of his hands and is living as a famous Bollywood star, Lia McHugh as Sprite who can summon illusions, and Brian Tyree Henry as weapons and tech discoverer Phaistos who’s the first gay MCU superhero.

Also Lauren Ridloff as super-speed Makkari who’s the first deaf MCU superhero, Barry Keoghan as mind-manipulator Druig, Don Lee as Gilgamesh the strongest of the Eternals, Harish Patel as Kingo’s manager Karun, Kit Harington as Natural History Museum employee Dane Whitman, Salma Hayek as Eternals spiritual leader Ajak who can heal, and Angelina Jolie as elite warrior Thena who can create any kind of weapon from outer space energy.

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