Coal In Power Plants For Less Than Two Days: Maharashtra blames Centre

Coal In Power Plants

According to Maharashtra power minister Nitin Raut, the whole power problem in Maharashtra is significantly larger than just Mumbai, which has been largely safeguarded thus far. There is a 20,000 lakh metric tonnes shortage, and important thermal power facilities in the state would run out of coal in less than two days, said  the minister in an exclusive interview with NDTV.

He accused the Centre of failing to assist the state, claiming that supplies from Coal India Limited had been irregular.

Maharashtra is dealing with “power politics,” he remarked. “The government of India is not cooperating properly with Maharashtra since it is in the hands of the MVA (Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi) government, and that is why the scarcity is produced here,” he claimed.

“The coal scarcity is real. There’s no doubt about that. Because of the arrangement we have with CIL (Coal India Limited) following the bridge linkage, as well as some MOs with WCL, ACCl, ECL, and others “he stated.

“We’ll have a 10-million-metric-ton contract. There is a 60-70 percent shortfall “declared the minister.

“We should get (the entire quota), but they are only delivering 85%. As a result, there is a 50% coal shortage. Following that, our power plants continue to generate electricity and have increased their output by 8.56 percent. We are attempting to supply power to Maharashtra residents at peak hours “he stated

He further stated that Coal India Limited (CIL) is a government-owned company, not provide enough supply. “They are not providing the quality of coal in supply, there is also a shortage of racks in many areas “.

On Monday, parts of the country’s financial metropolis Mumbai and its neighboring areas were without power for an hour. Today, there was another power outage in parts of the city and suburbs.

The situation in Mumbai, according to the minister, is “in control.” He claimed the interruption on Monday was due to technical difficulties.

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