CM Vijayan ensures students returning from Ukraine can finish their education

CM Vijayan ensures students

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said on Monday that after alerting the Centre and the National Medical Commission (NMC), his government will take all necessary efforts to allow Indian students fleeing the war-torn Ukraine to complete their medical and other studies.

The State Medical Council has also been asked to allow provisional registration of students returning from Ukraine to complete their one-year internship or remaining course of study at affiliated medical colleges or hospitals attached to such institutions free of charge, according to the Chief Minister.

During the Kerala Assembly session, Vijayan was responding to a notice from CPI(M) MLA C K Hareendran, who had drawn the attention of the Chief Minister to the plight of Malayali students who had returned from Ukraine without being able to complete their education due to the ongoing war there, and asked for his help in resolving their problems.

Hareendran stated that actions must be taken to ensure that students complete their education/courses and that credentials and other documentation left behind in the war-torn country are recovered.

With the cooperation of the Centre and the NORKA Development Offices in Delhi and Mumbai, 3,379 Malayali students have been repatriated to Kerala, according to the CM. He also stated that the central government would play a key role in ensuring that students who returned from Ukraine as a result of the conflict are able to continue and complete their studies as well as regain their certificates and other important papers.

According to the CM, a separate cell managed by NORKA would work with the health department on this, and Rs 10 crore has been set aside for it in the budget for 2022-23.

Further education decisions for medical students returning from Ukraine can only be made on the advice of the National Medical Commission, which has guidelines for completing internships for medical students who return without completing their courses or internships due to unusual and compelling circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic or wars, he added.

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