AAP to submit a lockdown proposal to SC today to address Delhi’s air pollution.

Delhi's air pollution

Every year as winter approaches, Delhi’s air quality deteriorates due to stubble burnings, emissions from transportation, coal-fired plants outside the city, and other industries, as well as open garbage burning and dust.

In response to rising air pollution in the Capital, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi will submit a proposal to the Supreme Court on Monday regarding the imposition of a lockdown and its methods. According to federal pollution control board data, the Air Quality Index (AQI) in and around the city has worsened this year to 470-499 on a scale of 500. With that level of pollution, the air will have a serious impact on people with pre-existing diseases as well as those with healthier lungs.

As the situation worsened, the AAP government ordered school closures until November 20 and directed all government offices in Delhi to work from home beginning Monday. Construction activities have also been prohibited until November 17.

“We have clarified in the department’s order issued late Saturday night that those schools or educational institutions where exams are already being held will remain open. All other educational institutions will be closed until the 20th of November “Delhi’s environment minister, Gopal Rai, stated on Sunday as the department issued a notification for the effective implementation of emergency measures.

To reduce pollution, the AAP government has proposed shutting down diesel generator sets and coal kilns in Delhi, raising parking fees, increasing metro and bus frequency, and other measures. Rai also stated that the primary goal of all of these emergency measures is to reduce vehicular and dust pollution in the city.

Meanwhile, 400 tankers will be sprinkling water to settle the dust in the city as part of the containment measures. By November 20, the government will have finished spraying bio-decomposer solutions for stubble decomposition in 4,000 acres of fields.

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