26,000 New Covid Cases in Bengaluru, More Than Mumbai’s Third Wave Peak

26,000 New Covid Cases in Bengaluru

In the previous 24 hours, Karnataka has reported 50,210 Covid cases, two days after the state relaxed the weekend curfew set to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In the state, there are now around 3.57 lakh active cases.

Today, Karnataka recorded more instances than Maharashtra, the state that has been most impacted in the last month. On Friday, Maharashtra reported 48,270 new COVID-19 cases, with 52 deaths.

Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar said that out of the 50,210 new cases, 26,299 were registered in Bengaluru, the state capital. Mumbai, Maharashtra’s capital, recorded 2,550 new COVID-19 cases within the same period.

The state’s positive rate, or the number of cases found out of 100 tests, increased to 22.77 per cent from 19.33 per cent.

On Saturday, the state reported 42,470 new infections, down from the previous day’s total of approximately 5,500.

In the last 24 hours, 22,842 virus recoveries and 19 Covid deaths have been reported in Karnataka.

The state government declared on Friday that the weekend curfew would be lifted, claiming that while the number of cases had increased, hospitalisation had not increased much. The new Covid version, Omicron, is causing a surge in new infections across the country.

Mr Sudhakar stated that 165 additional Omicron cases were confirmed in Bengaluru today, bringing the total number of Omicron cases in the state to 931.

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