What is Zobox and How the company is creating difference in the retail world ?


Zobox is creating a new concept, that is of Open Happiness through the official channels, that are called #sastemobilekaadda. A unique retail chain, where one can see the renewed smartphones, have a look and feel of it before buying. One major factor when it comes to renewed smartphones is that our country lacks awareness of such topics. Many people think that buying a renewed smartphone is actually getting into trouble for oneself. This misconception needs to be nullified beforehand. The main reason Zobox started prior offline channels is to build recognition and trust.

There has been a huge impact in the two states of India, Rajasthan & Gujarat. Zobox has unveiled a series of stores that have both FOCO and COCO models. More than 10 offline stores have been functioning successfully. It has enabled the customers to build trust and eventually buy a renewed mobile phone of their choice. The brand new will cost multi-folds and it will also give the same tech experience as the renewed one but with affordability.

Now, the company has launched #ZOTV, smart tv with steal deals. In today’s world when the world is constricted at home. One more thing that pained many people is the surge of consumer electronic goods, which has created an impact on the buying behavior of the customers. Due to the surge in the prices of electronic goods, people have been unable to buy them. This solution is identified by Zobox, and they have introduced #zotv, which has been noteworthy in changing the buying behavior of the customers. As there is a direct relationship between buying behavior and an increase in retail prices. Competitive pricing always increases the possibility of success.

Zobox has upgraded the pricing to match the consumer behavior

As the price changes influence the buying behavior of the customer, it also plays an important role in choosing the right brand. Zobox recently released a series of smart #LED TVs that have hugely competitive pricing. Smart tv has stunning picture quality, and occupies less space, and also helps in saving electricity. These are a few extraordinary things that Zobox Smart Range TV is presenting to the world. Targeting middle-class buyers, Zobox Smart TV has competition with all the major TV competitors like Xiaomi, Micromax, Diawa Samsung, LG, Sony Bravia, Toshiba Vidal. It has been seen that many companies are coming up the smart tv, but Zobox had a team of expert trainers, those have created specialized technology in the same. With robust technology and efficient productivity, Zobox is all set to acquire the electronics market with a storm. Smart tv that enables us to watch our favorite shows, gaming, web browsing, and is accessible to compatible media content stores on your computer. Apart from low power consumption, Zobox smart tv also brings better and vibrant images. Energy-efficient and its counterparts, CCFL, and plasma TVs and also better and customary low power.

Future is Zobox

One of the key things that Zobox is proffering investment opportunities to all. One can become channel partners with Zobox and invest in the future. In the renewed smartphones, accessories  & electronics goods, and offers wide range options on becoming channel partners. Zobox has the knowledge to deal with all sorts of problems that arise in the franchises, be it staffing, management or sales.

No doubt, Zobox is the future of renewed smartphones and consumer goods electronics in India.


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