A-List of the Top Data Science Companies

Top Data Science Companies

Data Science is a broad term that encompasses several disciplines, including Data Analytics, Big Data, Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning. This vast field has transformed how businesses look at data and convert it into actionable insights. The advancement of technologies and data science tools has altered how organizations work and grow. India, as a talent hotspot, is the top destination for national and international companies looking for qualified Data Science experts.

The demand for Data Scientists has grown at an exponential rate in recent years. In India alone, more than 97,000 data science jobs will be available in 2020. Let’s take a look at some of the top data science companies to consider for your next job.


MuSigma is the world’s largest provider of decision science and analytics solutions, with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. It has offices all over the world, with Bangalore serving as its central delivery hub. Because of its open culture, Mu Sigma is one of the most popular places for data science employees to work. Mu Sigma has a creative and interactive way of inviting new employees through what they call MSU (Mu Sigma University), where new employees receive hands-on training on a variety of challenging projects under the supervision of senior experts in the organization.


Absolutdata’s cutting-edge AI-powered services and solutions are built on 15 years of data analysis expertise. Absolutdata’s Data Science Center of Excellence develops and delivers powerful AI services, solutions, and isolated parts to clients for them to make scalable business decisions based on their AI activities. Absolutdata provides more remarkable learning and growth curves than other market players. Data scientists can upskill and focus on core fundamentals by using explicit, role-based learning on specialty subjects.


Accenture highlights that large and complex organizations can benefit from efficient data usage. They must rely on the experts – data scientists – for this. Accenture is the company to work for if you are passionate about characterizing procedures and delivering on them with the help of the creative use of integrated data. The unmistakable global professional service provider, for example, has openings for data scientists in the fields of business process specialization and data management.

 Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics, founded in 2000, has grown to become one of the nation’s leading analytics service providers. With a global impact boasting a few Fortune 500 organizations from industries such as retail, insurance, and technology, there is unquestionably no stopping this one. The company is currently looking for Data Scientists for its offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Gurgaon. Fractal Analytics has a sizable customer base. As a result, as a data scientist, you will be involved in important projects such as business analytics, healthcare, and decision-making.


Genpact employs over 1500 data scientists who work in a centralized hub model with the customer experience as its primary focus. The organization focuses on growing a pool of citizen data scientists through various projects such as ‘Machine Learning Incubator’ and ‘ML Upgrade.’ The ML Incubator program is an in-house AI/ML college that aims to up-skill more than 600 existing domain experts in data engineering and data science each year by providing them with a structured and instructor-paced learning structure.

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