4 Must-Have Technology Tools for Your Information Technology Budget


Information Technology Budget

An Expense Tracking System That Is Easy To Use

It’s difficult to keep track of business expenses like meals and cab rides, especially when numerous employees are required to do errands or travel on the company’s dime. Rather than collecting paper receipts and storing them in a folder, technology can assist keep these goods organized and traceable.

Expense report software, such as Concur and expenditure, allows you and your staff to scan receipts or enter cash charges directly from their phones. Your finance staff can monitor and control costs as well as analyze billing patterns all from one dashboard, saving both time and money.

A Safe Cloud Storage Alternative

Because it’s a reliable, safe, and accessible solution, 93 percent of small and medium businesses in the United States back up some portion of their data to the Cloud.

If your hard disc fails and you don’t have a backup, you risk losing all of your data and files. Cloud storage also allows your team to exchange massive files, work collaboratively, and access data from any place and computer at any time.

There are a plethora of Cloud platforms to choose from. A Drive is another excellent alternative for corporations, as it offers better protection and the ability to retrieve deleted files. Google Drive syncs seamlessly with Google Mail if you currently use Google for your business email.

For businesses looking for more complete Cloud solutions, Frontier Business has a variety of managed IT and hosting options, including Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Business Continuity as a Service.

A comprehensive cloud-based VoIP phone service

Business phone services, like printers and fax machines, have a terrible image for being complicated and inefficient at critical times.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth, thanks to technological advancements. Make sure your budget allows for a dependable and all-inclusive phone system, that is important to corporate operations. To help your team be more productive, Frontier Business offers a Business VoIP Phone service with seamless collaboration and communication options like instant messaging and auto attendants.

You’ll find it simple to deploy and integrate with other tools because it’s a cloud-based solution. With help available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can spend less time debugging problems and more time focusing on your business.

A Security Package That Is Always Up To Date

Because SMBs are the target of 43 percent of business-targeted cyber assaults, it’s critical to take the appropriate safeguards to protect your computers and server so hackers can’t access private information or delete files kept on your network.

To protect yourself from cyber attacks, malware, and phishing, you’ll need a powerful firewall and an antivirus programmer. The firewall acts as a barrier to keep attackers out, while antivirus software examines the computer for unusual activities regularly. Frontier Business offers several security packages that combine this dual protection with proactive tech help to manage the system.

To conclude, software, tools, and apps can easily add up in price, but these four items should be considered non-negotiable basics for growing your business. If you’re on a limited budget, look for other ways to save money and invest in a high-rated and complete VoIP phone service, Cloud storage, and expenditure tracking systems, project management software, and security software.

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