Top Shipping/Logistics/Courier Aggregators in India for eCommerce

India for eCommerce

When e-commerce enterprises initially gained prominence in the early 2000s, they realized that keeping consumers happy and fulfilling orders was not a task they could handle alone. Taking a page from the Beatles’ book, they only required a little aid from their friends to get by. They turned to the logistics business, which responded by developing newer, more technologically advanced logistical solutions.

To enable the speedier flow of important information to both eCommerce firms and their customers, each independent logistics partner uses API interfaces and AI-driven data engines, which are entirely handled by each independent logistics partner. With the proliferation of innovative logistics solutions, most firms need speedier ways to tie up and gain access to more of them.

Here’s where eCommerce aggregators come into play. A corporation having pre-existing relationships with numerous logistics companies is known as an e-commerce aggregator (also known as shipping, logistics, or courier aggregator). When an eCommerce business hits a certain level of orders per month, usually around 500, a single logistics partner is no longer enough to fulfill all of the requests. However, while you’re looking for a dependable and top-rated second or third logistics partner for your eCommerce firm, the orders aren’t going to stop coming in.

Here is a list of the top shipping aggregators in India for eCommerce enterprises:

eCourier Shipping Aggregator

eCourier is a top-rated shipping aggregator in India with a half-decade of experience. This could be due to their diverse reach. They are particularly well renowned for successfully fulfilling supplies to other nations, despite their relatively efficient serviceability. The majority of their clients ship abroad at affordable rates and rely on their safety standards.


NimbusPost is a cutting-edge logistics platform that focuses on sellers. It has built a shipping platform geared to the needs of large and small enterprises equally, bringing together India’s most recognized 27+ national, local, and international courier providers. API integration, automated cloud-calling, and a sophisticated NDR panel are just a few of the ways the logistics partner may help you cut your overall logistics costs without jeopardizing the level of service you deliver to your clients.

iThink Logistics

iThink Logistics is a rising star in the logistics aggregation business. Most clients regard their courier services to be exceptional in every aspect because of the affordable delivery charges. The organization has established a reputation for being a prompt responder to escalations.

With this shipping aggregator, there is no minimum order quantity. Rather than collecting a monthly fee, iThink Logistics charges per shipment, based on a variety of other factors. Their NDR management system generates NDR reports and updates regularly.


Shiprocket has a large market share as one of India’s leading shipping aggregators. When it comes to paying for services, Shiprocket offers three alternatives based on marketplace integrations, customer support, and serviceability. The first choice is the Lite plan, which starts at Rs. 29/500 gms and allows for a single integration. Furthermore, its Professional plan, which costs Rs. 23/500 gms and includes many foreign deliveries and marketplace integrations, is available for Rs. 23/500 gms. While this is the most popular plan, it is also the most expensive.


Shipment aggregation is straightforward and cost-effective with Shyplite. The company’s quick and professional customer support team, as well as its AI-generated recommendation engine, are routinely praised by customers. You’ll pay a flat cost with Shyplite, regardless of how much you send or where it’s delivered.

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