Organic Cotton Fashion Brands You’ll Enjoy Wearing and Supporting

Organic Cotton Fashion Brands

When it comes to sustainable fashion, organic cotton clothes can be a viable option. While there are many wonderful and unique sustainable fabric options on the market, organic cotton is often a more cheap option for individuals trying to make better choices for their closets due to its large scale of production.

Organic cotton apparel is helping to pave the road for better cotton, and the brands listed below offer it.

Many of these companies go above and beyond organic sourcing, looking for Fair Trade certified cotton, natural dyes, ethical manufacturing, and eliminating waste in their supply chain, among other things.

People Tree

Since 1991, People Tree has been developing eco-friendly clothing that is both adaptable and amusing. The firm has been awarded the World Fair Trade Organization product mark, and all of its pieces are made from eco-friendly textiles, including numerous organic cotton alternatives.


PACT makes cheap organic apparel and underwear at factories that are Fair Trade Certified. Organic cotton essentials, activewear, dresses, socks, sleepwear, and more are available for ladies, men, and children.

The Waight

Label that promotes slow fashion The Waight manufactures small quantities on a pre-order basis and has a completely local supply chain, resulting in little waste and maximum transparency. The brand’s organic cotton loungewear is grown, created, and made in the United States and is offered in two colours: undyed (seen) and naturally dyed with avocados!

Conscious Step

Let’s talk about organic cotton fundamentals now! Conscious Step makes colourful, Fairtrade and organic-certified cotton socks with a social conscience. There’s something for everyone, no matter what social or environmental cause you care about most, from leaf-printed socks that help safeguard rainforests to blue polka-dot socks that assist rescue seas.

Organic Basics

Organic Basics is an environmentally conscious firm that produces underwear and necessities with care. For their basic, sustainable collections, the label uses GOTS-certified organic cotton, TENCEL, recycled nylon, and recycled wool.

Mata Traders

Mata Traders, a Fair Trade fashion label, collaborates with artisan cooperatives in India and Nepal, paying all of their artisans a fair salary. Organic cotton jersey dresses with the loveliest bright patterns are available from the ethical label! They also offer a variety of size options.

Amour Vert

One of my favorite sustainable fashion labels, Amour Vert, has quite a stunning collection of organic cotton clothing, The brand’s organic selection features sweaters, blouses, dresses, rompers, and basics that will keep you fashionably cool and comfy.


Komodo has been making earth-first clothes for over 30 years, and was one of the first eco-friendly fashion manufacturers. Komodo is a member of the Soil Association and is a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified company. In addition, the brand ensures ethical manufacturing and donates 1% of profits to the Sumatran Orangutan Society.

 Groceries Apparel

From seed to garment, we are committed to sustainable production. Groceries Apparel creates environmentally aware clothes in collaboration with family farmers and local manufacturing facilities. For its comfortable clothing, the brand uses eco-friendly fibres including organic cotton, hemp, and recycled cotton.

Indigenous Designs

Indigenous Designs creates each piece by hand using only natural and organic materials (such as organic cotton) and low-impact dyes. Indigenous Designs also practises fair trade, ensuring safe working conditions, paying fair salaries, and providing resources such as zero-interest loans.

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