India’s Top 10 AgriTech Companies in 2022

Top 10 AgriTech Companies in 2022

Agriculture technology advancements have enhanced output, efficiency, and profitability. These technological advancements are referred to as agritech. Furthermore, technology may be utilized to plant more quickly, produce crops in a variety of settings, and collect crops. Agricultural automation can include robotics, big data, artificial intelligence, or any other approach that helps the industry overcome its issues. Agritech businesses have witnessed a lot of innovation in India’s agriculture industry. Their main purpose is to help farmers become more productive by providing useful tools and supplies.

Here are the top 10 agricultural technology startups to watch in 2022:


Aibono is a successful Agritech startup in India, founded in 2014 by Vivek Rajkumar. This company is the first in India to use artificial intelligence to collect dietary data. Several prizes have been given to their services. Farmers will be able to control planting material using the startup, which will increase their earnings. $3.5 million in seed money has been distributed to the company.


Ananda Verma launched Fasal, an agritech firm based in India, in 2018. Farmers can plan, monitor, and analyze their farming efforts with this startup’s application. The Fasal sense uses artificial intelligence to forecast the future of pests and insects.


FarmLink is one of India’s most successful Agritech firms, focusing on data science and providing technology to farmers. Akshaya Kamath and Ravish Chavan created the company. The company’s major goal is to assist farmers in enhancing productivity, profitability, and sustainability of agricultural operations throughout the world by utilizing high-quality data and practical agriculture solutions.


Anu Meena launched the agricultural technology company Agrowave on March 17, 2017. Farmers benefit from the startup’s mobile pickup station (MPS) network, which is integrated. Small and medium-sized enterprises benefit from the company’s direct connection with small and medium-sized firms in the fruits and vegetable industry.


Saurabh Kumar launched Agricx, an Agritech firm in India, in October 2016. AI-enabled SaaS solutions are supplied by the startup to businesses that finance, process, transport, trade, sort, or manufacture agricultural products. The world’s first AI-enabled SaaS stack startup.

Gold Farm 

On December 1, 2012, Karthic Ravindranath and Abhilash Thirupathy started Gold Farm in India. It is a startup that specializes in providing farm equipment rental services to Indian farmers. It is a mobile-based Agritech startup. Solar water pumps for farmers in India are also available through the company. A $3 million seed investment round has been completed.


WayCool, an Agritech firm in India, was started by Karthik Jayaraman and Sanjay Dasari in July 2015. The company’s headquarters are in Chennai. The company sells fresh foods and dairy goods in addition to processing and distributing items. Other tasks included procuring items, processing them, branding, marketing, and providing farm supplies.


Crofarm is a successful Agritech startup in India, founded in May 2016 by Varun Khurana and Prashant Jain. Crofarm provides useful services to consumers and businesses in addition to assisting farms. Various methods are utilized to obtain fresh veggies and fruits from farmers, whether offline or online. The startup received $2.8 million from an early-stage investor.


Avinash Pandya, Chirag Tekchandaney, Delzaad Deolaliwala, Jahan Peston Jamas, Sumit Shah, and Yash P. Kotak created BOHECO in 2013 as one of India’s most successful Agritech firms. Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO) is India’s first industrial hemp research startup, with three verticals: policy, research, and commercialization.


Shardul and Sitanshu Sheth created AgroStar in 2013 to provide an online agricultural marketplace for farmers. This agritech business can also provide farmers with real-time guidance from experts on how to better manage their crops and increase their production. AgroStar has so far raised $42 million in investment.

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