How Healthcare sector has evolved post covid

Healthcare sector

We have seen a massive surge in the healthcare products post covid, also we have seen that many startups have emerged during this pandemic. The number is high and there are almost 3225 startups in India that are working on healthcare and setting up healthcare resources. This sector is one of the most growing and emerging sectors in India.

Evolution In the Healthcare Sector

When we speak about healthcare, it encapsulates evolution. It brings in the best of technology in the healthcare world by various new techniques. This sector has rebooted itself in pandemic times and emerged as the most successful potential startup. There is continuous improvisation in the healthcare sector that enables the consumers in obtaining better technology, improved patient care services, affordability, and increased access to medical services to the remote areas. Broadly speaking, when we speak about medical services, many rural areas are left behind in India due to the expensive medical structure and lack of mobility. Now, many startups are emerging that are providing mobile clinics, remote testing facilities, and other medical services in rural areas.

Integration of technology that encompasses artificial intelligence, hi-tech services brings in a vibrant healthcare ecosystem to India’s diverse and vast population.


The Healthcare tech market is divided into six segments



It is a service that involves delivering medicines remotely in the various rural areas of India. These places have poor accessibility. Though this service requires a registered physician who can prescribe the medicine and get it delivered to a distant place.


E – Pharmacy

One-stop solution for all the pharma drugs and medicines


Fitness & Wellness

By various means, fitness and wellness services are provided on various online platforms. It includes counseling of the patients, having virtual wellness and yoga classes. It also inculcates diet sessions, classes, guidance, and nutritional food supplements. A promising startup in India in the current scenario.


Home Healthcare

At-home services for healthcare, post-Covid is not only emerging but also helps in taking care of elders in the prescribed manner.


Healthcare IT & Analytics

This is one segment that has been untouched and not many medical people are involved. It includes maintenance of the cloud data of the patient records, data, and infrastructure.


Personal Healthcare In India

Many apps, tracking devices help in maintaining apt weight, diet, and nutrition. It includes monitoring sensors and fitness bands.

An increasing number of startups are redefining the quality of healthcare services in India. It is also aiming to bridge the gap between the patients and the healthcare system provider. Artificial intelligence has successfully helped in detecting many fatal diseases in the human body. It is time that medical services in India will aim to lift higher and broader.


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