10 Pharma and Life Science Startups Disrupting Healthcare

10 Pharma and Life Science Startups Disrupting Healthcare

It’s exciting to see how disruptive innovations can completely transform how healthcare is given and medicine is performed. So here are a few of the most promising pharmaceutical and life science startups now changing the healthcare industry.


Amicures Research Pvt. Ltd., situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, is an Intellectual Property (IP)-focused research-based pharmaceutical company founded and backed by prominent medical practitioners, scientists, and IP attorneys. Amicures is committed to improving human health by focusing on new research in the fields of free radicals, nanoparticles, and antioxidants to provide humanity with health and longevity. Amicures’ mission is to serve humanity by producing inexpensive critical treatments, as well as new goods and generic medicines.


Parexel delivers the clinical development skills and integrated consulting knowledge needed to streamline development every step of the way faster and more cost-effectively as one of the world’s leading global clinical research organizations (CRO). Parexel’s therapeutic, technological, and functional competence is anchored by a patient-first culture inherent in our DNA, from decentralized clinical trials to regulatory consulting services and exploiting real-world data.  Approximately 18,000 people are passionate about what they do, and they are helping to shape the future generation of medicines, one patient at a time, in collaboration with the clients.


Hylasco Bio-Technology was founded to serve the fast-growing pharmaceutical and biotech industries, as well as to be a part of their strategic medications.

Hylasco Bio-Technology India Pvt Ltd was founded in 2000 and has quickly established itself as one of India’s top service suppliers. Hylasco Bio-Technology India Pvt Ltd is on Trade India’s list of certified firms that provide a variety of services.

Converge Biotech

The year 2016 saw the exclusive development of Converge Biotech, based in Hyderabad, Telangana, with a keen line of varied stakeholders, patients, health care providers, and institutions in the worldwide generic market. Converge Biotech has strived to produce high-quality medications at reasonable pricing, particularly in the chronic care sector, and to enable patients to have better and easier access to these medicines since its beginning.

Nextgen Lifescience

NextGen Life Sciences was founded in 2014 as a one-stop shop for scientists working in the fields of molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, health care, and drug development. Researchers employ the company’s revolutionary Instrumentation, Reagents, Consumables, and Bioinformatics solutions in scientific exploration and diagnosis.


Realmeds is a pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting product. The system provides comprehensive traceability and uses emerging technologies to detect counterfeit drugs, preserving the brand, increasing income, and saving lives. To combat the problem of fraudulent pharmaceuticals, the approach employs Blockchain, AI, and IoT. It’s also available as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), allowing for quick integration with existing supply-chain procedures. For any upstream or downstream integration and workflow automation, APIs and real-time events are available.

Aura Biotechnologies

Aura Biotechnologies Private Limited is a Chennai-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology research company focused on developing cutting-edge technologies to speed up R&D and lower manufacturing costs. Aura Biotechnology is a Private Limited Company that was founded in 2014. Organic Fertilizers, Molecular Biology Products, Biopolymers Products, Aquaculture Products, and other products are among the items it manufactures, trades, and exports. Aura additionally offers their clients contract research services.

CAD Pharma

CAD Pharma Inc. is a relatively new company, having been founded in February 2003. The company’s major goal is to help clients and associates find items such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Finished Formulations, Excipients, and Intermediates. CAD Pharma’s strength comes from its entrepreneurs’ extensive experience and excellent setup in Bangalore. CAD Pharma provides regulatory affairs and documentation help in addition to sourcing.


Ytiliga is a multinational pharmaceutical firm established in India that specializes in the discovery, production, and distribution of a wide range of pharmaceutical goods. Ytiliga is committed to improving society’s health and well-being by developing innovative solutions to modern healthcare concerns. Since the company’s mission is to help people all over the world live better lives, Yiliga goes above and above with its unique method.

Alder Biochemical

Alder Biochemical, nestled in the Himalayan foothills, is a full-service contract maker of premium quality softgel products. It provides a fully customized turnkey solution for soft gel formulations that complies with international food and medicine regulations. The facility features an industry-leading production line, best-in-class machinery, and contemporary labs, all of which are managed by industry veterans. Alder Biochem is looking to manufacture some of the best in the industry, with an annual encapsulation capacity of more than 1 billion capsules.

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